Wellington Primary School Hounslow

St Paul's CoE Primary School

Strawberry7 stepped into the breech for us at what was a very difficult time. He immediately sorted out our requirements for the future and also provided us with the support which we had missed during this period.

We are able to rely upon Adam to sort out the day to day issues and also to provide us with a working plan for the development of IT across the school.

He is always up to date with the information he gives us regarding the development of new technologies and equipment and is very keen to support these in school.

He has worked closely with the IT coordinators of the school, seeking to advise them as they further develop the technology within the school. He is always at the end of the phone, providing assistance as we need it. He is able to suggest alternative providers for the myriad of services linked to IT and is never fazed by the questions fired at him.

Adam has also worked on behalf of the school as it moves towards the switch over from one provider to another – not an easy task. He has helped us to keep to deadlines and has ensured that the company has as full a picture of our needs as is possible.