Using iPads is a fantastic way to get technology out to your students. It’s no wonder that iPads have been so successful in schools as they are mobile, versatile and great value.

It has now become a necessity to be able to manage these devices effectively and this is where ZuluDesk comes in. ZuluDesk is the first and only education mobile device management (MDM) system.

ZuluDesk empowers your iPads in some remarkable ways. Some of the features of ZuluDesk include:
  • Being able to remotely install an app to any number of devices over the WiFi.
  • Full integration to Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).
  • The ability to track and remote wipe devices if they become lost or stolen.
  • Granular restrictions, preventing students being able to access inappropriate content, setting a passcode, or being able to change the wallpaper, the list is extensive!
  • Being able to update iOS remotely. We update our school’s iPads overnight at no extra cost!
  • Many more!