These days the first-time parents see your school, it is usually on a computer, tablet or their phones rather than in the real world. You make every effort to make your school look and perform as well as possible and your website needs to show that.

People have high expectations of websites. They need to look amazing, have great pictures, work easily on any device and give them all the information they need. Strawberry7 work exclusively with Barker School Websites to ensure that you have a beautiful, bespoke and reactive (works on any device) website for your school.

Barker School Websites is a specialist company that creates unique website designs for schools. They start by coming to see you and learning about what you really want. Then they create a website that is completely unique and original.

There are 3 different ways in which the website can be updated once it has been launched.

  1. The school can manage updates directly. This is possible because we use ExpressionEngine® which allows for easy content management by the end user.
  2. They can update and expand your website plus provide ongoing support.
  3. There can be a combination of both; where the school does certain updates that they feel are appropriate and Barker School Websites does more major updates.

Further to this, Barker School Websites also offer photography, video and virtual tours. Here are some examples of the fantastic websites they have created: