Strawberry7 are able to accurately and quickly support a multitude of network related queries. No matter your requirement - network installation, expansion, upgrade, testing or support, we can take care of it all.

Our experience includes fresh network installations in new school builds, complete network upgrades, partial network upgrades, compatible addition, full test reports and daily support.

Our network engineers can take on any job with a holistic view of your current requirements and possible future requirements. This means that you will not be installing equipment, only to throw it away and have to upgrade in a year’s time. We will ensure that any network installation takes into account not just your basic computer requirements but also WiFi, door access, CCTV, class change systems and more.

We have experience working with project management companies such as Pick Everard and PWA, as well as contractors including Neilcott, Ash, Dunphys and Diamond Build for new builds and expansions. During these projects, we worked first hand with these companies to ensure that the school had the very best network installations. Our assistance ensured that appropriate networking technology was installed, with a holistic approach to the rest of the project.