Management Information Systems (MIS) have long been a part of the school fabric. They have always held student information but now schools should expect more from their MIS.

If your school is paying for an MIS, somebody else for online payments, somebody else for text to parents, somebody else for pupil tracking, then there is a better way. Strawberry7 can help bring all of these separate systems and platforms into one simple interface.

There are so many benefits to doing this. Your staff have a single login for a single system, meaning less to remember. There is only one interface with one layout to use, making their lives easier. Upgrades happen once on a single platform, rather than several times on many.

Strawberry7 have partnered with a cloud-based primary school MIS specialist that can do all of this for you and more. You will find that as well as combining all of your systems into one, you will have a better performing MIS. We will also ensure that everything is migrated from your old systems in one go. The migration takes place in an afternoon and the next day you are trained and using the new system! Schools that have switched have reported to us of the huge saving in time and stress as a result.

Whilst we would love you to have a support contract with us, we can still help with your MIS without one. Just call us on 01252 279777 or email to find out more!